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Japanese Village Demonstrates Anti-Ageing Properties of HA

Source: www.hyaluronic-acid-information.org

According to Health Journalist Bill Sardi, Hyaluronic acid may be a key to the real life fountain of youth. Sardi came to this conclusion after a tour of Japan.

In the villiage of Yuzurihara, about two hours north of Tokyo there were 10 times more Japanese who had lived into their eighth decade of life than in anywhere in the United States. The older people of this villiage didn't show the usual evidence of aging such as wrinkled skin, stiff joints or poor eyesight.

Dr. Komori, the village doctor, has never seen a case of skin cancer in Yuzurihara, even though many residents have worked outdoors and smoked cigarettes all their lives. The villiage is located on a slope where rice is not grown. The residents of Yuzurihara eat sticky vegetables such as Tamaji, sort of like a sweet potato, and other roots and plants. Health authorities believe these plants help to promote a compound in the body called hyaluronic acid, or HA.

Hyaluronic acid holds more water than any other molecule. It therefore retains moisture in the skin and prevents wrinkles, acts as a shock absorber between joints as well as being a space filler between living cells. The human body makes about 3000 mg of hyaluronic acid a day. But as we age we produce less and less. Factors that reduce HA are ultraviolet radiation, excessive coppoer and/or iron, viruses and tumors. This results in the collapse of tissues. Hyaluronic acid is now being used orally and by injection.

Date: 5-May-2005

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